High-Rise Corporate Janitorial Services

When you work in a high-rise building, you want to make sure that your offices are in amazing shape. People who come to your business expect it to look fantastic, so it’s important that you hire a dedicated cleaning crew to provide you with the best corporate janitorial services ever. Mid-City Cleaning, Minnesota’s source for consistent 24/7 corporate janitorial services, is proud to offer high-rise office cleaning services for your business. Our team has been serving the community for more than 50 years and understands what you need when you request our assistance.

We Offer Cleaning Services 5 to 7 Days a Week

You’ll have no problem impressing clients, as well as making sure everyone is happy when they work, when you sign up for our corporate janitorial services. Our team makes sure your entrance and lobby look perfect, guaranteeing that everyone who enters will also leave with a great first impression of your business. We also clean your general and private offices to make sure that everything is spotless. Furthermore, we offer cleaning services for lunchrooms, cafeterias, restrooms, common areas, and hallways.

Our crew has worked in many different environments and is ready to meet your special requests.  We set the highest standards of cleaning based on your specific specifications. Our team uses the latest cleaning technology and products.

Mid-City Cleaning has comprehensive interviewing and training processes to ensure the right individual is hired for the position. All of our staff members will be dressed in professional uniforms when they come to clean your offices and Mid-City Cleaning is fully bonded and insured.

Make the right choice and choose Mid-City Cleaning when you are looking for corporate janitorial services. We are proud to provide you with corporate janitorial services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs, as well as the rest of the Minnesota area. You can call us at (763) 571-9056 to inquire about our availability and receive a free estimate for our cleaning services.